Drs. O’Donnell and Stinnett are cited in the new text book …Family Therapy Review:preparing for comprehensive and licensing examinations By Robert H. Coombs

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Resilience: A Case Study of the Personal Characteristics, Skills and Coping Strategies of Educationally Successful Adolescents*

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NebGuides by University of Nebraska: Explores the Attributes and Experiences of Strong Families (Issued September 2008)*

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New Text Book, “Strong Families Around the World: Strengths-Based Research and Perspectives”, cites O’Donnell’s and Stinnett’s Adolescent Research and Book, “Good Kids”

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[Dr. O’Donnell Compiles] Experts tell how to set age-appropriate limits for teens (originally published on-line by CBS Interactive Business Network: BNET.com*)

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Double Trouble*

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