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D.I.Y. Spiritual Training for Your Kids

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Teach our Children that It’s Their Kindness that Leads People to Repentance (Romans 2:4)*

• January 18, 2012 • 2 Comments

How to Help Your Son and Daughter to Pray

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The Father’s Role in the Development of Adolescent Sexual Identity: Two Video Interviews of Dr. O’Donnell Conducted by Texas A & M University

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[Dr. O’Donnell Compiles] Experts tell how to set age-appropriate limits for teens (originally published on-line by CBS Interactive Business Network:*)

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Abilene Christian U. Center Teaches Men to Be Better Fathers by Katherine S. Mangan (originally published in The Chronicle of Higher Education: June 14, 1996)

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How Children Benefit From Having Dads At Home by Connie Saindon (originally published by the on-line journal: “Self Help Magazine”)

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