Time to Let Go and Let God

Okay dads, I’m now part of an exclusive club: my daughter is getting married … heavy sigh.

Her upcoming nuptials reminded me of when she turned 16 and, to make the best of my growing despair of one day giving her away in marriage, I put on a suit and tie and took my daughter out for a candle-light dinner at a swank restaurant in the heart of the “Shops Kaylaat Briargate”.

I also gave her a “purity” diamond ring—wrapped in a beautiful jewelry box with a bow—and asked that she remain chaste until the “man of her dreams” puts a wedding ring in its place; so, until then (I explained) her heart will just have to belong to daddy!

Turns out, we had a wonderful evening—despite my anxiety—as we talked about… well, anything her little heart desired. Mostly, I sat gazing at her captivating smile and marveled at how all grown up she appeared to be. I was praying (to myself, of course), for just the “right” guy who, one day, would sit where I am sitting and similarly gaze into her beautiful face and nervously pop “the question”.

Please God, bring a gentle soul; a true man of God, to love my baby until “death do them part”. And now, that prayer has been answered.

Back then, however, I was smiling as she joked, but secretly I was fighting back the tears. I don’t want her to grow up, I was thinking at the time … I want her to stay young and live at the end of our hallway on the second floor of our house in Colorado Springs forever.

Oh, sweetheart, daddy loves you so much! So much, that I’m going to let you take flight, now. I’m just going to let your soon-to-be husband, Zachary, bask in your engaging presence while I thank God, through Jesus Christ, that such a daughter (however briefly) was given to me–to love and to hold.

This gratitude will have to suffice and ultimately sanctify my most common hours contemplating your Wedding Day when you will finally leave hearth and home and be joined to your husband—so that the two of you can become one flesh.

If he will love you even half as much as I love your mother, then my worries will subside, and I will walk you down that long, lonely isle to give you away for your hearts to be joined forever.

~ by revdrmichael on May 5, 2015.

3 Responses to “Time to Let Go and Let God”

  1. Congratulations, Michael. I recall our wonderful days when you hired me to assist you at the Southwest Center for Fathering in Abilene. Would love to catch up with you more. Your brother, Jim Clark

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