A Double Blessing

St Philips-in-the-Field parish

St Philip-in-the-Field parish had been my church home. Working with the Rector, Fr. Theron Walker, my role was to assist as a priest associate—primarily for Sunday Mass and other equally important High Feast days. Thus, I was blessed to be able to assist two wonderful men of God: Mr. Jason D. Christensen, CEO of Catholic Charities and The Rev. Theron Walker, senior pastor.  Today, however, I assist Fr. Scott Campbell at St. Matthias Episcopal Church in Monument, CO.  But, I do want to highlight Fr. Theron and Jason Christensen, who have been a double blessing to me on many occasions.

And so, a little information about both men:

Theron and I were on staff together at Grace and St Stephen’s Episcopal Church. I was a residential pastoral counselor and adjunct professor with a local university and he was the Vicar—basically, responsible for any and all things delegated by the Rector for the parish. He also was and is a wonderful teacher and preacher and conducted a Bible class on an assortment of Old Testament themes. This he did on a weekly basis to a crowded room of men and women, anxious for any hint of understanding the mysteries of God. Almost without fail, I would squeeze into his classroom to hear about the great prophets of old and their never ending quest to experience God. Theron brought the Scriptures to life—largely because he not only taught them, but lived them. His was a life worthy of imitation. And, my favorite weekly activity was getting on our knees together in either my office or his and asking God for the spiritual stamina to do His will, “On earth as it was in heaven”.

Jason is my employer and immediate supervisor. His love and concern for the poor are reflected in the decisions he makes on a daily basis. And every chance he gets, he writes about them—reminding us, “that as much as you do it unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me” (Jesus). His good humor helps the message go down. And, when we—just like with Fr. Theron before him—pray to God, I know I’ve come to the right place.

So, I felt doubly blessed… God, in His mercy, had positioned me between two men of God. My prayer will be that between the three of us (as with the Holy Trinity) he will permit us to attempt something so impossible that without Him it will fail—both in the church and out in the world.  This prayer extends to my work with Fr. Scott, too; who, as God would have it, continues the legacy begun by Fr. theron before him.

~ by revdrmichael on May 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Double Blessing”

  1. What a lovely tribute to both men. Glad to know that you are finding a place for yourself again. Miss you,

    Please give my Happy Mother’s Day regards to Rachel.

  2. Thanks, Leslie… I miss you, too! Give my kind regards to all the good folks at Grace and St Stephen’s…

  3. Dear Fr. O. & bro-forever,
    It is so wonderful to read about how the Lord is blessing you, and even more, how God has been faithrul to you despite the obstacles along the way. How much more blessed can one such as you be? Working with the poor and serving at the alter! I love you my friend!
    Forever in my heart and prayers,

    • Thank you for the kind words, Brother Jay! You have always been such a wonderful friend, close friend… I miss you so much! Please give my love to the family. +Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam+

  4. So glad to find your blog, Fr. Michael, and to hear about your work at St. Phillip-in-the-Field. You and Theron make a perfect match.

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