Building Love

graceheader_r2_c11Well, for all those who may not have already heard, the judge has ruled in our favor:  Seems we can be back in our building as early as next week.   Already, my former parish–which had resided in exile for nearly two years–is planning a triumphant return; but tempered by a big, Pattonesque warning, “All glory is fleeting.” 

For, indeed, there are really no winners or losers, here; just Christians who have disagreed.  And, very disagreeably, I might add.  In short, our community has seen Christianity’s worst face–the one that behaves badly whenever two sides to an argument cannot (or will not) agree to disagree.  St Paul admonishes, “but in all things, charity” (I Cor. 13).   Now, we may not know how to define charity, but most of us know how charity feels.  And, so explains the historic Corinthian letter, “…it is kind, not easily provoked, and keeps no record of wrongs….”

I say to both sides now–as I oft spoke from the pulpit and the lectern to a group I unexpectedly led into exile–to please forgive, as you have been forgiven.  Show this community what real Christianity looks like, or at least, feels like.   So that Colorado Springs will know we are Christians by our love.

~ by revdrmichael on March 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Building Love”

  1. Beautifully stated, Fr. O’Donnell!

  2. Thank you, Brian. What a nice thing to say… Pax.

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